Bitillionaire is fun to play as a single player, or multiplayer game. There are multiple variations of the game and you can also create you own rules to make thing even more interesting. Just be sure to document any different rules which the players playing are agreeing to.


The most basic requirement is for smooth and easy gameplay is to use a portfolio application on smart phone or a computer. There are many options. Though not required, if you’re are playing with multiple players it is suggested that you all use the same portfolio application.


In the basic game the goal is to increase your overall holdings in Bitcoin. In the basic game you’re starting the game as a bitillionaire with 1 Bitcoin. The question is, how well can you maintain your status or increase it to maybe becoming a multi-bitillionaire?


In the basic play game you and anyone your competing with together or against starts by adding 1 Bitcoin (BTC) to their portfolio.


Make fictitious trades using your 1 Bitcoin. Adjusting your holdings in Bitcoin and up or down appropriately as you trade into or out of various Altcoins.

Verify your trades along with with the time, in person, in messages, or by posing. Do this close to the time of the trade or within agree amount of time of your trade.

Choose and end time, or end goal. Examples:

1) At a gathering you might pick a time just before everyone will likely leave.

2) On a particular date at a particular time.

3) When a certain amount of Bitcoin or it’s equivalent has been reached. First one there wins.

4) When Bitcoin hits a certain price point, which can be tracked with an alarm.

5) When a player or team thinks that they have won by a certain margin. If they have then they win, if not they lose.


• Play as teams with each team managing it’s own single portfolio.

• Play as teams with each team member managing their own portfolio, with the sum total all of a teams members total Bitcoin holdings combined being used as the determining factor of who’s ahead.

• Play as multiple teams, with places or competing to not be eliminated.

• Allow or disallow trades into fiat currency or fiat currency equivalents like Tether’s USDT.

• Instead of starting the game with 1 Bitcoin, start with a different amount. It could be a fictitious amount which is close to what you might actually be able to do in real life, or with an amount roughly equivalent to the total value of all or some of your assets, or an amount equivalent to the amount that you wish you had.

• Only allow trades of specific coins or tokens. Examples; only trading the top 100 list on CoinMarketCap, or only trades for assets with their own blockchain like BTC, LTC, ETH, NEO, etc., or only allow one trade pair like just trading back and forth between ETH and BTC, or only trade privacy coins like Monero, Dash with the goal being having the highest Bitcoin value equivalent.

• Allow trading for other assets with a verifiable price.  For example fictitiously purchases of stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. For long running game one might even fictitiously buy a house or other real property based on it’s appraised value listed on an agreed website such as Zillow.

• Trade costs in a basic game can be ignored, but for more realism consider the costs of moving form one asset to another. For example trading from Bitcoin to USD to move it to your bank account to buy a house at the appraised value on Zillow, then later selling the house for and converting the USD in your bank account back into Bitcoin has a number of costs which can be roughly calculated. The cost to covert into USD and move to your bank account at this time would generally be 1.5%. Any portion of closing cost typically bourn by the buyer and then the closing cost including the brokers fee for selling, if any, could easily cost 10%, then moving that money back into Bitcoin from a bank another 1.5%.

• Restart the game every day, week, month and compete for the most wins.

• Play against yourself with more than one portfolio.

• Document trades in verifiable way but keep you trades secret until a reveal.

• Play a public game, posting your trades and screen captures of your portfolio.

• Have a required minimum number of trades. For example at least one per 15 minutes, hour, day…

• For on going games have a posting time where everyone posts their portfolio screen capture during their lunch, or everyone in a family shows their portfolio at dinner.


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